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Beautiful Stylish Gold Brocade Cat ears


I thought about making something very unique, that I had not seen before. Something that fuses my love of vintage style with the playful idea of cat-ears and here it is: gold brocade lined cat ears. It is something different, something with style and just a little bit steam-punk. I am also going to try this style with a finish of black satin bows, but a thinner ribbon than I used on the other bows so the brocade is more visible. I had a trial with gold bows, but the gold ribbon I have was too shiny and I would need to find a more subtle hue of gold if I am to use gold ribbon. If I can find something suitable, I might try black and gold ribbon together.

Cat Ears

Handmade Teal Faux-Fur Cat Ears

IMG_0522 IMG_0471 IMG_0473

The teal cat-ears are one of my favourites. They are hand made and each headband takes about one hour to make. I cut the pieces from my own pattern, and then hand sew them together to make ears. I then sew the ears to the headband and finally finish with the satin ribbon bows. I try to make the bows almost the same on each side, but of cause it is very difficult by hand to have them identical, so each bow and each head band is a little unique.

These headbands are available on my Etsy store (link here).

Cat Ears

Black Cosplay Cat-Ears with Light and Hot Pink Lining.

Romance Noir Black Faux-Fur with Hot Pink lining Cat Ears
Romance Noir Black Faux-Fur Cat Ears with Hot Pink lining.

I have been hand making new styles of cosplay cat-ear headbands. (Top to bottom) Romance Noir handmade cat-ears, in hot pink with black satin bows (opens and light pink polka-dots (opens

I want to try the light (baby) pink polka-dot cat-ears with some light pink bows next.

I have applied for the Sydney (Australia) Etsy Christmas markets, so hopefully I will be successful and get a stall there.

These new cosplay cat-ears will be available on my Etsy store (opens link to and eBay (opens link to soon. For now you can still check out my other cat-ears on both of those sites.

Let me know what you think of my cosplay cat-ears or what you would like to see (for example colour combinations) in the future.

Romance Noir Black Faux-Fur Cat Ears with Pink Polka-dot lining.
Romance Noir Black Faux-Fur Cat Ears with Pink Polka-dot lining.
Cat Ears

August Cutest Cat Ears

Romance Noir Cat Ears

I have been busy making some new styles of cat ears featuring black and teal faux-fur. Some have purple satin lining and others have purple or pink felt. The mounting of the cat ears on headbands makes for very easy wearing. The unique cat ears with black and white striped bows are limited edition with only 3 pairs available. You can purchase a handmade headband now from my Etsy store (links to I hope you like these as much as I do!

All my items are handmade in Australia.


Cat Ears, Hens night

Hens Night Party Cat Ear Headbands

The last few days I have been busy making 9 cute leopard print cat ear headbands for a Hens Party celebration. The cool thing about these headbands, is the cat ears are fully removable and can be worn as hair clips (which is great for hair that’s tied back), or in let down hair with the head band. I have used elastic attachments to guide the cat ears onto the headbands. They just look so cute when they are all laid out together.

Snow Leopard Cat Ear Headbands